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L'Oréal Hands Over the Creative Reins to Influencers Over 40

L'Oreal has launched an innovative campaign called "Age Perfect" which challenges stereotypes about ageing by spotlighting an overlooked demographic with its latest product launch.

The beauty industry has long been criticized for promoting youth over experience, but L'Oreal's campaign aims to change that by giving a platform to women who are often overlooked.

The beauty giant is aiming to redress this with a campaign for its Age Perfect Rosy Oil-Serum, enlisting 10 influencers aged 45 to 84 to promote the product.

The campaign includes un-retouched images of the influencers to promote authenticity and features a range of formats such as video content and social media posts. As L'Oreal continues to prioritize diversity and inclusivity, the Age Perfect campaign is a bold step towards promoting a more inclusive beauty industry.


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