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Knee strengthening exercises after surgery

One of the most common concerns after knee replacement surgery is how much time it will take to recover and regain normal strength in joints. Knee replacement surgery is a major surgical procedure that may need considerable time to recover. A gradual return to everyday activities and regular exercises are crucial to a full recovery after knee replacement surgery.

Your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist may recommend a few movements and exercises for 20-30 minutes daily 2-3 times per day or walking for 30 minutes 2- times daily for early recovery.

Early post-surgery exercises

The recovery period after knee replacement is as crucial as the surgery. It takes a few weeks to strengthen and return to your daily routine. Recovery begins from the very first moment your surgery is complete, and the next 12 weeks are critical to regaining your movements.

From the very first day after the anesthetic effect wears off, your physical therapist helps you to stand up and makes you walk for a few steps with the help of some external support. And within one week, your doctor and therapist encourage you for brief walking sessions and knee bending. Till the end of 3rd week, the physiotherapist starts a daily workout schedule and rehabilitation.

You may feel uncomfortable while performing exercises, but they will shorten the recovery period and help reduce postoperative pain and muscle discomfort. The following are a few early activities that aid in recovery and strengthening:


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