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Akshaya Tritiya at the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralaya

With Akshaya truteeya just a few days away, Sandalwood paste meant for all brundavanas at Mantralaya including Sri Rayaru’s bhavya brundavana getting made by students of Sri Gurusarvabhouma Vidyapeetha.

Students of Veda pathashala involving themselves in this sacred seva with immense Bhakti and reciting Veda Suktas and stotras.


Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt belongs to the lineage (parampara) of Hamsa naamaka Paramaatma, adorned, in the early phase of its history, by various Tapaswis and Rishis.

Sri Madhwacharya, the proponent of Dwaita Vedanta, had formally launched this Mutt, with His Sishya, Sri Padmanabha Tirtha as its Prime Guru.

Many scholarly Gurus and Tapaswis, such as, Sri Jayatirtha, Sri Ramachandra Tirtha, Sri Vibudhendra Tirtha, Sri Jitamitra Tirtha, Sri Raghunandana Tirtha, Sri Surendra Tirtha, Sri Vijayindra Tirtha, Sri Sudhindra Tirtha and Sri Raghavendra Tirtha, have embellished this Parampara, by taking upon the position of Main Pomtiff of this Mula Mutt.

In view of the significant distinction of Sri Raghavendra Tirtha, to the mystic, spiritual and intellectual domains of human life, this Mutt came to be known as Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, since the period of Sri Raghavendra Tirtha.


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